Li Pengcheng, Doctor of TCM

Master of Medical Qi Gong and Taijiquan


Li Pengcheng, graduated from the Hebei medical college as a doctor of TCM. He presently works at the national medical training base of the Herbei Medical Qi gong Hospital.
2001 he began to study Neiyanggong (inner nourishing qigong), under the guidance of Ms. Liu Ya Fei, a specialist of Qigong as a medical treatment. He also studied taiji quan being a disciple of Mr. Feng Yi Jian, whose teacher was the “Zong Shi”, (great master of learning and teaching) of Taiji Mr. Li Jing Wu, one of the Great Masters of Taiji, who was teaching in Beihaihe from 1959 - 1997.

His field of working as a doctor of TCM includes acupuncture, moxibustion and traditional tuina massage. His responsibility, being a master of Taiji and Qi Gong, includes teaching traditional taijiquan and medical qigong, used as a gentile clinical treatment.
Since 11 years, as Master of Taiji and Qi Gong, he mainly teaches traditional medical qigong – the neiyanggong ( inner nourishing qigong ), health-maintaining self-massage, five animal and eight brocades qigong, yijinjing qigong and traditional taijiquan of different style ( 24 -, 42-, 45-, 88-, 108-form; chen style), taiji sword, taiji broadsword. He participated in a variety of taiji competition where he gained outstanding success.

Li Jing Wu ( 1912-1997 ) was an expert in Taijiquan Wu-Style as well as in Taijiquan Chen-Style. He was a very well known and respected Taiji Master.
The simplified Yang-Style 24-Form was developped by Li Jing Wu and Li Tain Jiin in 1955.
His Taiji movements were so perfect and natural that they appeared nearly formless.

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