The Essence of Taijiquan

We will present on this Website Chinese articles about Taijiquan.

The articles will be translated as directly and as accurate as possible into English or the important points will be summerized.

But of course without Taijiquan practice to understand the theory of Taijiquan would be limited to empty phrases and hollow concepts. Only through Taijiquan practice is it possible to truly understand its theory and in turn use the theory to help guide the practice.

Taijiquan practice is offered as workshops; the workshops of 2017 are presented here Taijiquan in Berlin .

拳无拳,意无意,无拳无意,求真意 !

Form without form, intention without intention,
go beyond form and intention
to search for the true meaning.

迈步如猫行, 运劲如抽丝 !

The movements of the stride
equals the movements of a cat!
The strenght of the movements
equals the spinning of silk!